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Have you visted the Isle of Whithorn recently? Do you like our website and did you find it useful? If you enjoyed either of these things, please tell us. We'd like to know what you think about it!

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The Isle of Whithorn

The Isle of Whithorn

Visitor's comments

"Hello Captain Jack Niblock - very impressed with the website. Hope you returned safely." - Doreen and David Sansome

"Just returned from a wonderful two week stay on the Isle. What a fantastic place, beautiful scenery and calm tranquility, wonderful warm people." - Kerry Hill

"Thanks to everyone - we had a lovely 10 days xx." - Lesley David and Ruby

"Great!" - Annie Brown

"I love your website a lot of information for planning our visit to Scotland later in the year " - Ward Whitehorn

" I was born in the Isle in my grannys house It has been 8 years since I was last there lovely pictures of my home town " - Sheree Davison

"Holidaying again this year." - Jim Skeen

"Coming here on 18th Sept on our honeymoon." - Lynne Slater

"Was up here for the gala weekend. Can't begin to explain what a great time we all had." - Dave Rance

"I am a first time visitor and had a great time here, Thanks" - Gordon Stocks

"Hi in your fight against windfarm maybe worth checking nature conservation groups ie salmon run etc." - Hugh William Mann

"Superb meal and beer as good as it gets. Worth the 400 mile trip alone. Nice stay in the manse too." - Garry Fensom

"Could not think of a better place to take my children on holiday." - Stuart Potton

"Been to Whithorn 3 years running. Great fishing." - Stevie Slippers

"A Credit to the Isle of Whithorn Thank You" - Kerry Teare

"I was born in the Isle now live Sunderland. The new web page looks very good. Hopefully will be in the Isle sometime over the summer." - Robert Ambrose

"I grew up in Scotland, but I've lived in the US now for 12 years. My mother, Nancy Brown lives in the Isle, on Rosie's Brae. It's nice to have website now that I can check up on home even from 4000 miles away. Thanks." - Lyell Hogg (USA)

"I am hoping to visit the area in September and your superb website convinced me that it is just the sort of place we would enjoy. I will visit the site nearer the time to pick up any useful information but in the meantime I have printed off the What to see and do page so I can plan where we want to go." - Liz Siddall

"Just to say your website is fantastic, we live in Lancashire near Morcambe, last year we were on holiday near Whithorn and were talking to some locals what a friendly bunch, we are coming again this weekend July the 1st and bringing our fishing boat with us as Douglas Grove give some fantastic information on your website on fishing in that area." - Tommy James

"Congratulations on a wonderful web site. Great improvements." - Barbara Hunter

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