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Statement to Big Lottery

Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Monday, April 29, 2019.

25th March 2019


Statement to The Big Lottery

To the Lottery Panel, Isle Futures Members and any other concerned bodies.


The Isle Hall Annexe was built as a Community Hub for the Isle of Whithorn DG8 8LH.   We understand this was supposed to be an almost self-sufficient build with the latest eco-friendly systems in place. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Solar Panels were of course installed. We don’t get any feed in tariff as they are supplied by grant money.   A water pumping system was installed which would service a 100 bedroom hotel. The Hotel in the village which is extremely busy runs straight off the mains. We have a tea room.   The air source heat pumps plus the water pump cost us sixteen thousand pounds a year to run. The Community Centre in nearby Whithorn with many rooms and a lot of usage costs sixteen thousand pounds for all their running costs, included and their heating system, which is so old the council are having to replace it.


What are we doing about this situation?

The usual question we are asked is have you turned the heating down? Do you heat the whole space all the time? As we are finding these questions both patronising and insulting we are giving you this statement. Attached is an email from a heating engineer who assessed our system.

This building whose concept was a centre for the community and a source of local employment is costing this Community forty thousand pounds a year to run. You should have a report from Community Enterprise which shows we have cut costs, budgeted and put on money making events. At the end of the day we are a village of 300 people at the end of a peninsula in South-West Scotland, this means it costs everyone £150 a year, every year to just keep it open.    Many people have tried to help with the running but find it to time consuming and financially worrying to be involved in.


Why are we writing to you?

  1. We believe that Lottery money was spent inappropriately by the professionals employed to deliver this project. We feel it is our duty to point this out to you as we may not be the only place this has happened.
  2. To ask you to work with us on a plan to making the building viable in the long term as originally intended. We understand this may be out of your usual way of working. We are not asking you for help to trim our business however we are looking at shutting the shop and Post Office because they cannot cover the massive overheads generated by the building. This is taking us further into the red. We request that you look into our situation yourselves so you can understand how best to remedy the situation for the future of this community.

Best wishes

Lyn Kiltie - Chair of Isle Futures

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