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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council


Ordinary Meeting

 Thursday 21 February 2019

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn


Present:  Marion Sunderland (MS), Chair; Hugh Jaques (HJ) Vice-chair; Jon Martin, Treasurer (JM);  Noreen Raines, Ruby Bell (RB), Secretary; Minutes Secretary (NR); Liz Kiltie (LK); Irene Matier (IM); Lynne Scott (LS); Cllr. Graham Nicol (GN); Police Scotland and 2 members of the public.


1. Apologies: Ruby Bell; Diane Collins; Jack Niblock.


2. Minutes of previous meeting: were approved.


3. Matters arising: (a) Mobile(smart meter) communications: communications pole erected opposite Boyach Road before the Coastguard station, part of the initiative by UK, Scottish governments and power companies to provide smart meters for all homes, problems with signals in the Isle; (b) Defibrillator signs: now ready to go up, JM sought advice re exact wording; (c) Scottish Power: no date fixed by SP for planned advice visit; (d) Gala: no accounts received yet, JM reported that Peter Huxtable had not inspected the accounts - Action MS & JM to follow up, (e) Derelict Buildings by the Harbour Car Park: JM reported current position, awaiting response from K Vance – Action: JM to speak to William Turnbull as Harbour Master had reported children again getting in to the buildings;


4. Police report: The report would be emailed to RB; (a) New Police Liaison Officer:  J Jamieson introduced himself; (b) Report: no significant incidents, warned of on-line scam aimed at persuading CCs to pass over funds on the basis of false, but realistic seeming, requests; (c) Drop-in session: Police Scotland will hold one in the Isle on 20th March 13:45-14:45, flyers etc will be delivered to the Hall; (d) Missing Persons initiative: details were given of this partnership between Police Scotland and the NHS; Fireworks consultation: a consultation on firework regulations was running till 10 May;


5. Secretary/Correspondence: RB reported Items available to CC members: (a) McMillan – palliative care: on-line survey reported; (b) Coastal Rowing Club: Vikki Martin hoped to be able to report to the April meeting; (c) Minutes: hopefully the sending of minutes to the relevant officer in the Council has been cleared up.


6. Treasurers Report: (a) Admin Account:  was £2,333.00 with £1,000.00 ring-fenced for the Trout Fund and £301.50 ring-fenced for the Fireworks Fund, leaving a working balance of £1,031.50 - £10.00 drawn for room hire, £1,000.00 received in grant for the Trout Fund and £200.50 paid in for the fireworks; (b) Resilience Account:  Static at £4,650.40.


7. Reports: (a) Drumullin Burn trout: LS reported that the plan is to engage press to help spread the word later in the year.


8. AOCB:  (a) SWI Quiz Night: to be held on 6 May, CC to put up a team and other teams welcomed; (b) Dog fouling: reports increasing problem on Cairn by the Children's Play Area – Action: Dog wardens to be contacted; (c) Fireworks: collecting tin for fireworks to be placed in Shop, as well as Steam Packet; (c) Gala: Lynda Cochrane attended to clarify matters respecting the Gala, recently she has taken over as lead for the Gala for 2019, the CC has no direct responsibility for the Gala, but arranges the insurance and oversees the accounts, she was referred to earlier organisers for advice and the Commodore of the Sailing Club to sound out their wish to become involved.


9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 21 March 2019

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