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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Monday, February 18, 2019.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council


Ordinary Meeting

 Thursday 17 January 2019

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn


Present:  Marion Sunderland (MS), Chair; Hugh Jaques (HJ) Vice-chair; Ruby Bell, Secretary (RB); Jon Martin, Treasurer (JM);  Noreen Raines, Ruby Bell (RB), Secretary; Minutes Secretary (NR);Diane Collins (DC); Liz Kiltie (LK); Irene Matier (IM) Jack Niblock (JN); Cllr. Jim McColm (JMM); Police Scotland and 2 members of the public.


1. Apologies: None.


2. Minutes of previous meeting: were approved.


3. Matters arising: (a) Mobile(smart meter) communications: currently no action to report; (b) Dangerous path on Cairn: replacement sign erected; (c) Mobile signal coverage: Sue Reedman looking at this; (d) Defibrillators: signs received to be laminated; (e) Scottish Power: date of visit still to be confirmed; (f) Bonfire: agreed that the bonfire be lit, if possible, on Burne Night; (g) Gala: letter received fro Michelle Saunders indicating that there would not be a Gala this year, audited accounts still not received as necessary – Action: MS to write asking for audited accounts for nect meeting; (h) Derelict buildings: JM had met with William Turnbull, Lockerbie, someone needed to salvage contents of buildings, need to keep roof-edge tiles for re-use, Mr Turnbull will return to site and flatten the buildings, securing wall to Smugglers, someone needed to clear site, JM noted that the landfill area was cleared with Alistair Scoular, CC to consider payment of up to £200.00 to support process.


4. Police report: The report would be emailed to RB; (a) fuel tanks: Villages urged to be vigilant re fuel tank security – padlocks, check levels regularly; (b) burglaries: incident in Newton Stewart reported, enquiries on-going, again householders urged to be vigilant and report suspicious events to the Police; (c) Criminal damage/rents: note of criminals renting properties and damaging them; (d) Scams: booklets and leaflets to be distributed.


5. Secretary/Correspondence: RB reported Items available to CC members: (a) Permanent assets: Graham McKie emailed re meeting about grants 22 February; (b) Third Sector: notice of meeting 32 January; (c) McMillan Improvement Process: information email received; (d) Bench plaque request: regular visitor asked if a plaque could be a bench in memory of her late mother, benches and plaques were paid for (cost approximately £550 in 2000), suggested that she might like to buy a bench an put a plaque on it, otherwise there might be an unfortunate precedent; (e) Cairn Bench needing repair: MS reported that paint had been acquired and bench repaired; (f) Coastal Rowing Club: a proposal had been received seeking CC's support and temporary financial hosting arrangement to permit start-up of a Wigtown Bay Coastal Rowing Club; agreed to support this worthwhile project.


6. Treasurers Report: (a) Admin Account:  was £1,652.32, now £1,142.50 - £500.00 spent on fireworks, £10.00 for room hire, plus 18p interest, with new fireworks donations at £101.00 ring-fenced, leaves a working balance pof £1,041.50, Admin grant has been applied for; (b) Resilience Account:  Static at £4,650.40, note: £100.00 set aside for wheelchair raising platform not required after all.


7. Reports: (a) Drumullin Burn trout: LS reported that a grant of £1,000.00 had been received for this Project, a further £1,000.00 match-funding can now be applied for; (b) Federation: IM had attended recent meeting and agreed to take minutes – a grant of £100.00 is available to cover costs; (c) Rural Parliament: DC distributed policy statement, an on-line booklet is available, which may be useful for locating potential grant aid in the future, DC will report on progress at future meetings, a bursary is available for expenses attending meetings to which she will submit a claim; (d) Budget information: JMM asked if information had been received about potential access to some £500,000, this information and information about 'Transforming Wigtownshire' had not been received; (e) Fund-raising: RB reported that the bonfire raffle had been successful and that the Boxing Day Dominoes had raised £65.00 for the Youth Group and £65.00 for fireworks, LK and RB were thanked for their successful efforts.


8. AOCB:  (a) Play Park: IM reported that the slide was damaged, perhaps by strong winds -Action – RB to investigate; (b) Cairn wall: RB reported that the Council would be contacted to sort this, as the Council had made the hole in the first place; (c) Resilience training: Jackie Mortiboy, Hall Business Co-ordinator, asked whether training had been completed re use of the equipment, noted that this was outstanding, Action – RB and JM will undertake training in the first instance & MS to notify Ms Mortiboy.


9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 21 March 2019

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