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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council


Ordinary Meeting

Thursday 21 June 2018

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn


Present:  Hugh Jaques (HJ) Vice-chair; Jon Martin, Treasurer (JM);  Noreen Raines, Minutes Secretary (NR);Diane Collins (DC); Liz Kiltie (LK); Irene Matier (IM); Councillors Katie Hagmann (KH) and Graham Nichol (GN); PC W Dodds, Police Scotland


1. Apologies:  Marion Sunderland, Chair (MS); Ruby Bell, Secretary (RB); Jack Niblock (JN);


2. Minutes of previous meeting: with amendment to Treasurer’s Report these were approved.


3. Matters arising: (a) Community Growing Space: no action; (b) Derelict Buildings: no action to report; (c) Enterprise & Skills South of Scotland Economic Partnership: applications to be in by end of August; (d) Potholes: those in Tonderghie Road still outstanding, GN reported that the Roads Department were getting on top of the backlog; (e) RAF Centenary: flag to be raised at the Sailing Club at 11.00 on 29/6/18, final arrangements to be confirmed; (f) Grass-cutting: no response as yet re cutting grass on private land; (g) Harbour Road: no response as yet; Mobile Library Service: KH reported only 185 active users in Wigtownshire, the service will continue as normal until September, but it is not viable. Home delivery services will carry on.


4. Police report: (a) local: two matters including a Breach of the Peace being dealt with; (b) Harbour Row speeding: PC Dodds had raised issue to be monitored and reported back to Police; Stop & Search: initiative 29 June-13 July; Fire Arms: amnesty across Scotland in June; Dog barking: various aspects being followed up, JM to contact SSPCA.


5. Secretary/Correspondence:

Items available to CC members: (a) Maggie's Centre, D&GRI: seeking support for a centre in Dumfries; (b)  EDF Renewables: feedback sought re shared ownership opportunity, Strannoch Windfarm; (c) Community Choices Fund 2018/19: re participatory budgeting; (d) Dual A75 Group: seeks support for cause; (e) Scottish Water: micro-site – consultation closes 31 August; (f) Scotland's Public Services: notice of site for people to comment on public services; (g) GDPR Community Councils: privacy notice template re data control; (h) Derelict Buildings: RB had contacted T Currie again: (I) Harbour Road: area dug up reported to Council; (j) Bedding Plants: notice of free plants from Council; (k) Armed Forces Day: notice of flag raising at Stranraer 25/8/18; (I) Newton Stewart Flood Protection Scheme: notice of public meetings; (m) Scottish Rural Action: June newsletter; (n) Fairer Scotland Duty: paper re meeting the duty.


6. Treasurers Report: (a) Admin Account:  £1,536.72 less £220:00 ring-fenced for fire works leaving a working balance of £1,316.72; (b) Resilience Fund: £2,650.40 + £2,000 – working balance £4,650.40


7. Reports: (a) Federation: IM reported on recent meeting, Pilot Scheme for Derelict Buildings to be initiated for 7 sites, including the derelict buildings at the harbour, Isl3e of Whithorn; (b) Youth Group: LK reported for Kay Lewis that funding had been sought, but criteria were not met;


8. AOCB:  (a) Cairn Boat Park: overgrown & urgently needs strimming; JM to follow up; (b) Yellow lines by bus stop: nothing to report; (c) Verges: GN reported that work would start cutting back verges next Monday; (d) Douglas Ewart: KH reported vacancy for Head Teacher to be advertised, concerns re attracting candidates to the area were raised; (e) Temporary Signage at Newton Stewart: GN reported re road closed notice at Newton Stewart roundabout is misleading as it refers to road beyond the town.


9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 16 August 2018 at 7.00 p.m.

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