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February Community Council Minutes

Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council

 Ordinary Meeting

Thursday 15 February 2018

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn

 Present: Marion Sunderland (MS); Hugh Jaques, Vice-chair (HJ); R Bell, Secretary (RB); Jon Martin (JM); Noreen Raines, Minutes Secretary (NR);Diane Collins (DC); Liz Kiltie (LK); Irene Matier (IM); Jack Niblock (JN); Coucillors K Hagmann (KH); Graham Nichol (GN). Police Scotland and 1 member of the public.


1. Apologies: none.


2. Minutes of previous meeting: approved.


3. Matters arising: (a) Yellow lines at bus stop: no further information; (b) Resilience: logs now purchased jointly with Isle Futures; (c) Hall Open Day: went well; (d) Neighbourhood Watch: Neville Scoot has indicated that Diane McColm, Community Safety Officer would like to attend a meeting, CC would take this up for April or May.


4. Police report: PC Dodds reported on (a) Anti-social behaviour; (b) working with farmers/land owners re educationg dog owners on the dangers of livestock worrying; (c) changes to the justice system – details emaied to RB, leaflets for the Hall.


5. Secretary/Correspondence:

Items available to CC members: (a) Resilience: G McKie had been emailed to arrange his attendance at a Resilience meeting; (b) Community Councils Review: MS reported that very little would affect this CC; (c) Potholes in roads: MS sought clarification of which system to use to report potholes, as there appeared to be more than one, KH suggested keeping with the CC SE system; (d) Assets: a register of assets would be needed to log the resilience equipment etc in the new shed; (e) National Park status: email received re possible National Park status for Galloway asking if the CC would be interested in this initiative, after discussion – Action: MS to respond.


6. Treasurers Report: (a) Admin Account:  £1,401:04 less £220:00 ring-fenced for fire works leaving a working balance of £1,1,181.04; (b) Resilience Fund: £2,690.40 less £40.00 for wood, leaving a working total of £2,650.40.


7. Reports: (a) Kilgallioch Community Fund: DC & JM attended a meeting re this Fund, which wa s with Scottish Power Renewables, a constructive meeting with discussion on various initiatives where funds would be available, application forms are available on line, A possible eligible example would be the Youngsters Group or the Community Growing Space, deadline for submission of applications was 9 April 2018; (b) D&G Funding: KH drew attention to finding opportunities from or through the Council; (c) Whithorn Community Bus: KH reported Whithorn PCA's bid for funding for a Community Bus, which would also benefit communities around Whithorn, like the Isle; Community Growing Space: KH also suggested that pigs could be used for our community growing space.


8. AOCB: (a) Dog Poo bags: JM requested that the shop might re-order new bags as they had run out – Hall aware; (b)Power outage/resilience: RB reported that, because of the power supply divisions in the village, none of the Resilience Team was aware that there had been an outage at the bottom of the village until the next morning, the village electricity supply is to three areas, issues also raised were who should power up the generator (generally it should come on automatically), who should lead in RB's absence, new lists needed to be made and additional volunteers brought in – All to be discussed at a Resilience Meting; (c) Federation: Ima meeting was planned shortly, date to be confirmed.


9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 15 March 2018.

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