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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Thursday, January 18, 2018.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council

Ordinary Meeting

Thursday 16 November 2017

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn

Present: Marion Sunderland (MS); Hugh Jaques, Vice-chair (HJ); Ruby Bell, Secretary (RB); Noreen Raines, Minutes Secretary (NR);Diane Collins (DC); Liz Kiltie (LK); Irene Matier (IM); Jack Niblock (JN); Cllrs Jim McColm and Graham Nicol.


1. Apologies: Jon Martin, Treasurer


2. Minutes of previous meeting: approved.


3. Matters arising: (a) Yellow lines at bus stop: ongoing; (b) Resilience: J Martin and RB attended a community training session at Wigtown on 7/11/17, nothing to add to current local knowledge, hand-held radios were discussed, but it was felt that they were not practical for use here, but torches were needed – action RB, a web-site was available with updates on road conditions and closures, after material held at the Hall had been checked  and updated, if necessary, then a resilience meeting will be held; (c) Bonfire Night: fire and display held on 5 November, MS thanked all who had helped make a success fo the the evening and the Steam Packet for providing the soup.


4. Police report: The Police Scotland representative reported on (a) an incident in the Isle on 5/11/17 and (b) a housebreaking on 8/11/17, (c) a campaign to stop and check car road-worthiness, (d) various telephone scams, (e) on-line community mail box (address to be given to RB), IM reported that she had a complaint  about the mud on the roads currently, which can be dangerous, the Police noted the complaint, but noted that farmers were responsible for clearing up excessive mud.


5. Secretary/Correspondence:

Items available to CC members: (a) Community Group Funding: up to £500 available; (b) Scottish national parks: information received; (c) New Dumfries Royal Infirmary: tours are being held for community representatives, next one on24/11/17 DC to attend if available; Fair Trade Status: D&G Council awarded this status.


6. Treasurers Report: a report from J Martin read; the accounts were in order, having been inspected by Peter Huxtable; Admin account: £1,048.05 with £111.00 ring-fenced for 2018 fireworks, leaving a working balance of £937.05; Resilience Fund: ££3,496.40 with the cost of the shed at £806.00, leaving a working balance of £2,490.40. Members were reminded that any expenses should be claimed as soon as possible.


7. Reports: (a) Federation: IM had attended a meeting on 24/10/17 most information has already been received by the CC; reports that the community help line was working as well as it should and this is being looked in to.


8. AOCB: (a) Charity cards: MS noted that charity cards were available as usual in Newton Stewart (Monday to Saturday).


9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 18 January 2018.

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