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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Monday, October 02, 2017.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council

Ordinary Meeting

Thursday 15 June 2017

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn

Present: Marion Sunderland (MS); Ruby Bell (RB), Secretary; Hugh Jaques, Vice-chair (HJ); Jon Martin (JM); Treasurer; DianeCollins (DC); Fiona Farr (FF);Liz Kiltie (LK); Noreen Raines (NR), Minutes Secretary);  also PC W Dodds and Neville Scott.

1. Apologies: Irene Matier; Jack Niblock

2. Minutes of previous meeting: approved.

3. Matters arising: (a) A77 improvements: MS had contacted indicating CC support, no further action; (b) Resilience equipment: RB had submitted a further application, no response received, in view of the four years inaction and delay the CC decided to go ahead with the shed with the aim of completion by the tie of the October AGM – Action: MS to order; (c) Community Growing Space: grass-cutting had been done and the area was looking tidier, an anonymous donor had given £100 and the CC will pay £50 as a one-off donation;  (d) Second defibrillator: needs to be checked as working – Action: diver Chris, experienced with the equipment will be asked to check; (e) Wall by Hall: still to be checked – Action: RB to contact DGHP; (f) Dog fouling: donated signs that dogs should be kept on leads by the play area  - Action: LK to ask Kay Lewis if children will design posters; (g) Yellow lines by bus shelter: Action; - RB to progress; (h) Merchant Navy Day 3/9/17: Jack Niblock to be asked to raise the Red Ensign on 1/9/17 at the Sailing Club; (I) Beach clean: completed 23/6/17; all volunteers thanked for their efforts, lots of plastic collected.

4. Police report: PC Dodds attended and introduced Neville Scott, an Isle resident, to talk about proposals for a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to be reintroduced in the Isle. The CC thanked Mr Scott for his briefing. It was agreed that, in the absence of D&G Councillors and several CC members, Mr Scott would return to the next CC meeting to discuss his plans further. It was agreed that the re-introduction of the scheme would be beneficial.

5. Secretary/Correspondence: - Items available to CC members: (a) Review of Scheme for the establishment of Community Councils: noted; (b) Survey from Fire Scotland: noted: (c) Tesco Community Funding: noted; (d) Faith Hope and Charity Shop, Whithorn: Action: to be approached for potential support for fireworks; ECEA contact: Action: RB agreed to be contact; (f) Family Support Group: seeking funding for facilities at the Park, Stranraer.

6. Treasurers Report: Advice from accountant that there should be one account. D&G have the details of the Admin account so this will become the working account; the General account will hold only the resilience finds; present position: Admin account: £545.25. General account£4,461.79 Resilience Fund £3,496.40, Fireworks £259.00, balance £706.39

7. Reports: (a) Youth Group: LK reported on behalf of the Group that a day had been spent at Castle Cary in mid-July, where there is an indoor pool, this was well supported and much enjoyed; the Group's books had been inspected by Peter Huxtable and all is in order; Currently there is over £1,000 in the account; LK announced that, after 30 years, she had stepped down from the Group. Kay Lewis wil take over her role and others have stepped in to assist. LK was thanked for her support and guidance to the Group, which had been outstanding, with everything working well over the 30 years.

8. AOCB: (a) Harbour life buoy and barrier: FF noted that these ned to be refitted after the repair to the damage to the Harbour wall; - Action: RB to contact D&G; (b) Roads: MS reported a number of potholes in Tonderghie Row and on to the Camp are increasing again, they have been marked up by the Council for repair; (c) Wreath: a wreath will be ordered for the CC for Remembrance Sunday; (d) Gala Committee/Sailing Club: RB reported that she had received copies of lengthy correspondence between the two organisations; it was agreed that this was not a matter for the CC & RB would respond accordingly; (e) Bonfire Night Fund-raiser: RB would look at dates for a fund-raising event, possibly in November and possibly a quiz night

9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 19 September 2017.

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