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Editor: Judy Brown. Added: Tuesday, July 04, 2017.

SWI Meeting 5th. June

The President, Dorothy McIlwraith, welcomed members & guests to the meeting. Business as follows: Dorothy reminded us of the Centenary Party on 2nd. July. Dorothy is asking for Volunteers to help man the Pancake stall at Wigtown Show on Wednesday 2nd. August.            A Cookery Demonstration will be held at Auchenmalg hall in October. Tickets £6-00.  

Dorothy introduced our speaker, artist, writer, and photographer, Maureen Kerr, who gave an extremely interesting talk about life on St. Kilda.                                                                 Maureen had spent the last 10yrs.working as a chef on the small military base, a month on and a month off, flying in and out by helicopter. Twelve staff man the island 365 days a year. St. Kilda, the largest (about 2 miles across) of several small islands or stacks which lie around 100 miles off the west coast of mainland Scotland.  It is owned by the National Trust of Scotland and carefully managed by trust with help from Scottish National Heritage, Historic Scotland and the local authority. St. Kilda has double World Heritage status. A small visitors centre, is manned in the Summer and welcomes some 3,000 people each year, an amazing number when you consider how difficult and weather dependant travel is, as their only mode of transport is by boat.

The island had been inhabited for many hundred years until it was evacuated in 1930. The residents lived mostly on a diet of seabirds, however, in the 1800’s they had black faced sheep used for wool, meat, and cheese made with their milk. Later, the domestic cow arrived, these were difficult to feed as they needed good grass in summer and hay in winter. Thousands of seabirds live on the islands, shearwaters, puffins, gannets and many more. The birds disappear to warmer climes in October and return in March/April.         Vivien Campbell thanked Maureen for a most interesting evening.

Stem from the garden;- 1st. Vivien Campbell, 2nd. Diane Collins, 3rd. Elma Carle.


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