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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council

 Ordinary Meeting

Thursday 21 April 2017

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn

 Present: Hugh Jaques (HJ), Vice-chair; Ruby Bell (RB), Secretary; Jon Martin (JM); Treasurer; Fiona Farr (FF); Liz Kiltie (LK); Irene Matier (IM); Jack Niblock (JN); Noreen Raines;  Cllrs Alistair Geddes (AG); Jim McColm (JM)  and Graham Nicol (GN).

1. Apologies: Marion Sunderland, Diane Collins.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: approved.

3. Matters arising: (a) Resilience: meeting to be held in the near future; Action: RB to get date from Graham McKie.

4. Police report: No police present, but report sent: (a) Isle: van removed from car park by Community Safety Team; (b) Isle: no incidents to report; (c) Wider Area: Two drink drivers caught in Newton Stewart area, four reported for assault & injury in Newton Stewart, one driver reported for dangerous driving, one theft reported, one case of fraud reported and a number of thefts reported from unsecured cars.

5. Secretary/Correspondence:

Items available to CC members: (a) Derelict Buildings:  RB had been unable to meet with T Currie, Mr Telford had been contacted and it is hoped that the matter will be progressed speedily; AG reported on the Wigtown Area Committee meeting on this subject (DC represented the CC), it is clear that further clarification and legislation is required, especially regarding the distinction between derelict and dangerous buildings and an increased role for CCs is also needed; (b) Resilience shed: D&G have now required new elevation and ground plan for the planning permission for the shed to be considered; (c) Data Protection: JM to pay registration fee; (d) 'Empower': brochure received

6. Treasurers Report: (a) Admin account: £589.19; (b) General account: £3,560.00 with a working balance of £731.39 as funds held for fireworks and resilience.

7. Reports: (a) Youngsters' Group: LK reported that the Group had restarted after the Easter holiday with a hand craft night on 20 April.

8. AOCB: (a) Slipway: FF raised this matter, work had started; two people had spoken to RB and offered to help – they will speak directly with the Harbour Master; (b) Harbour Lights: FF noted that these are now (not being LED) different to the rest in the village; Action: HJ to raise with General Harbour Master at Kirkcudbright; (c) Harbour wall: not yet repaired – to be chased up; (d) Hall walls etc: in process of being resolved with Laigh Isle and dyke by St Ninian's Terrace is dangerous – reported to DGHP by CC and three times by tenants – clarification still required as to ownership and responsibility; - RB to follow up; (e)  Community Growing Space: JM is progressing this; (f) Over 65s driving courses: JN asked for further information about these – recommended that he telephone number available for further information; (g) Local elections: HJ noted that the local elections were due on 8 May and that, while JM and GN would be candidates, AG was retiring from the Council, HJ recorded that AG's contribution over the last 18 years had been very much appreciated and very helpful and supportive to this community. HJ presented AG with a card thanking him for his service and wishing him, from all CC members, a long and happy retirement.

9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 18 May 2017.

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