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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Saturday, March 11, 2017.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council


Ordinary Meeting

Thursday 16 February 2017

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn


Present: Marion Sunderland (MS), Chair;  Hugh Jaques (HJ), Vice-chair; Ruby Bell (RB), Secretary; Jon Martin (JM) , Treasurer; Dine Collins (DC); Liz Kiltie (LK), Irene Matier (IM); Jack Niblock (JN); Cllrs A Geddes and Jim McColm.


1. Apologies: Diane Collins, Fiona Farr, Noreen Raines and Graham Nicol


2. Minutes of previous meeting: approved.


3. Police report: (a) noted email address; (b) vehicles on car park: had been checked out after last meeting, still there two weeks later, now reported to D&G Community Safety Team to progress, as it is D&G land; (c) derelict property by the Harbour Car Park: had been checked and owner asked to secure it; (d) Local incidents: drink driving generally up on previous year – perhaps as a result of new alcohol limits; (e) Fraud reports: reports of moneygram frauds, police warned public not to supply information; (f) Rural thefts: events in Ayrshire – quads and fuel – importance of informing the Police of any suspicious activity; (g) Unwanted callers: Police recommend Trading Standards web site, HJ commented on new BT service; (h) Dementia Friends: 9 now trained in the area; (i) Advice to local groups: contact Police as required; (j) Presentations; presentations  re road safety etc available for community groups.


4. Treasurers Report: (a) General Account: £886.79 + £40.00 Bonfire Night donation= £926.79; of this £195.40 I sring-f3enced, leaving £731.39 in general funds. The Bonfire Night Fund is owed a further £63.60, bringing it to £259.00; (b) Admin Account: opened at £696.23, cheques to the value of £170.10 leaves a working total of £526.13. The Gala Committee owes Isle CC £ 109.50 for insurance, making a total of £635.63 on repayment.


5. 'Isle Barrage': Stuart McGlashan made a presentation about this Strathclyde University student hypothesis and took questions. He was thanked for an interesting presentation.


6. Matters arising: (a) Gala Insurance: 2017 insurance had been sought; (b) Resilience: MS outlined the present position – no further forward, though funding secured, she proposed to hold a separate meeting, JM noted that Graham McKie was now in charge of this, AG offered to contact G McKie about attending the proposed meeting; (c)Street lights: noted that new LED lights installed throughout the village; (d) Electricity poles: noted that some finials were still about; (e) Power Cut: some people had received compensation from Scottish Power re the cut on Christmas Day, others had not, MS suggested that they should phone Scottish Power again; (f) Whithorn Police Station: Agnoted that the Police Scotland response had been inconsistent, notably regarding the hub idea.


7. Secretary/Correspondence:

Items available to CC members: (a) SWESTRANS: social transport, AG & JM updated CCV on this; (b) Federation: minutes; (c) Defibrillator: ready to collect; (d) Dog Fouling: day o faction, MS asked that the Community Safety Team make more visits to the village, especially the Cairn area; (e) Navigational Risk Assessment: information received; (f) Scottish Power Payment: resident who missed the compensation payment.


8. Reports: (a) Youngsters' Group: LK reported that the Group continued to prosper with a craft night, prize bingo night held recently as they get into step again – older ones numbered 8-10 and the younger ones 22-25 with some from Whithorn. (b) Isle in Bloom: watch this space.


9. AOCB: (a) Road potholes: LK reported pothole in Tonderghie Road in the usual places – MS to report; (b) Wall at Junction of Main Street/Tonderghie Road: JN reported that thi sstill was not repaired – MS would follow up on this.


10. Date of next meeting: Thursday 16 March 2017; (JN gave apologies for next meeting.)

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