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Editor: Hugh Jaques. Added: Friday, November 11, 2016.

Isle of Whithorn Community Council 

Ordinary Meeting 

Thursday 20 October 2016 

St Ninian's Conference Room, Isle of Whithorn


Present: Marion Sunderland (MS), Chair;  Hugh Jaques, Vice-chair; Jon Martin, Treasurer; Diane Collins (DC), Fiona Farr (FF); Liz Kiltie (LK), Irene Matier (IM); Jack Niblock (JN); Noreen Raines (NR); Cllrs A Geddes and Jim McColm (JM).

1. Apologies: Ruby Bell; Diane Collins; Graham Nichol.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: approved.

3. Police report: no report.

 4. Matters arising: (a) Proposed to closure of Whithorn Police Station: it was noted that the building is used by the Ambulance Service and ceased to be an active Police Station years ago; CC would wish to see the building retained for public services; CC should join with Whithorn CC and support its view; CC felt it also required more information about the proposed re-structure of Police Scotland in the region. (b) Community Resilience: planned training session had been postponed; W Jesson was changing role in the DGC, concerns were raised that business would be delayed eg delivery of the admin grant, which would be claimed as a matter of urgency, Action: MS; (c) Cancer Patients' Transport: current and proposed options were discussed together with the practical, physical and emotional difficulties faced by patients, Action: AG to forward contact details MS; future discussion with more information; (d) Whithorn Bus Shelter: matter was being followed up by Whithorn & District Business Association and the matter is still ongoing; (e) Village Noticeboard: C Ronnie to be asked to examine it.


5. Secretary/Correspondence:

Items available to CC members: (a) Hall shed: pre-application details from DGC re planning permission; (b) DGC Budget consultation: document and meeting dates circulated, noted that dates had passed, though one meting in Newton Stewart; (c) Newton Stewart Santa: Round Table gave notice that their sleigh would visit the Isle, (d) Harbour Navigational Risk Assessments: Kirkcudbright Harbour Master wrote advising about local harbour risk assessments, including the Isle on 16 November, (e) Education: email re Scottish Government Empowering Schools Unit: review of early years education to visit Dumfries in December, (f) DGC email re planning applications, (g) DG Small Communities Housing Trust: advert for community members – IM to follow up.

6. Treasurer's Report: (a) General Account - £900.89, after commitments balance is £603.89 and fireworks ordered at cost of £406.40; Admin account: balance £309.85.

8. Reports: Youngsters' Group: LK reported that P Huxtable had inspected and approved the accounts.

9. AOCB: (a) Street Lights: MS had reported failed light on Tonderghie Road; (b)Architectural Heritage Fund: funds are available for and information to be passed to Isle Futures; (c) Beach Clean: held on * October and all who took part were thanked; (d) Free Press Letter: LK raised the matter of a letter in the Free Press re lack of community spirit in the Isle, in discussion the claim was felt to be unjustified, no action; (e) Boat Park: FF reported discovery of needles at the Boat park, no similar evidence found on beach clean; matter to be reported and vigilance was required with future beach cleans; (f) Fundraising Quiz: successful quiz at the Steam Packet was held to raise funds for the Bonfire Night, thanks to the organisers.

10. Date of next meeting: Thursday 17 November 2016.




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