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Editor: Judy Brown. Added: Friday, October 07, 2016.

SWI Meeting 3rd. October

The President, Dorothy McIlwraith welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.                                                      The Rural magazine for October features our branch, and refers to us as, “One forward-thinking Institute has got round the age-old difficulty of finding people willing to take on committee posts.” The Isle solved the problem by having a different meeting manager each month. We have given up the fancy baking “competition” and our members are quite happy with a biscuit with their end of meeting cup of tea.. This works very well as everyone is sharing the load.                                                The Federation Show judging is on 7th. October and the show on the 8th. 10am-4pm.                                                 The National Quiz will be held on Saturday 5th. November at Douglas Ewart high School.                                        Whithorn SWI is holding an open session on Monday 17th. October 1.30pm.- 3.30pm. in the Community Centre. David Cole, the artist, will be in attendance.                                                                                                                                Our Christmas Party will be on 5th. December. Menus to be sought from Steam Packet Inn and Saint Ninian’s.                    Due to unforeseen circumstances the dateA.G.M. &  2017 Planning meeting will now be held on Monday 31st. October  at 7.30pm. in Saint Ninian’s. Our Treasurer, Margaret Hallam, retires at this meeting.

Dorothy then welcomed Annette Torbet, our speaker for the evening. Annette’s talents know no bounds, first she demonstrated a beautiful 3 flower arrangement, next she set up her ‘Wee Shop’ to show off the varieties of sweets, fudge and biscuits she’d made. We sampled them, they were all very delicious! She showed us lovely Crewel embroidery pictures, just one more talent this lady has. Annette’s latest project is crotchet, after only a few weeks she has mastered it, and will be teaching it shortly. She is a fantastic raconteur and kept us in stitches. Enough?? No, no in the past she has been involved with Scottish Country dancing, Scouting, and Stock judging.                                                                                                                        

 Noreen Raines thanked Annette for a most entertaining and informative meeting.

Stem from your Garden: 1st. Prize Glennis Gamble. 2nd. Equal, Elma Carle, Diane Collins and Dorothy McIlwraith.



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