Natural History in and around the Isle of Whithorn

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Woodland near the Isle of Whithorn
The Isle of Whithorn

The Isle of Whithorn

Natural History

Roedeer near the Isle of Whithorn

The countryside around the Isle will reward all nature lovers.

In the open country, stop and listen to the pure sound of birdsong - no distant roar of busy roads here - and keep a look out for birds of prey.

Seabirds near the Isle of WhithornThere are seabirds along the cliffs but they should not be disturbed during the breeding season. Paths can be narrow and slippery so please be extra careful.

Rock pools are a world of their own waiting to be discovered.

During the summer months, terns - which have migrated up from the Antarctic regions - can often be seen diving into the shallower waters of the Harbour approaches, searching for sand eels or other small fish. Just to the south of the Isle, at low tide, you might spot seals on the rocks. If you are especially lucky, you might catch sight of dolphins and porpoises playing in the bay.

DaffodilsFrom early spring there is a profusion of wild flowers along lanes and in wooded glens.

Isle of Whithorn Harbour at duskRemember too, that at night, there's a different world outside. We have no big sprawls of street lighting or urban haze to contend with. On a fair night, you can look up at the myriad stars twinkling in the sky.


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