Archaeology in and around the Isle of Whithorn

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Ruins of St Ninian's Church at the Isle of Whithorn
The Isle of Whithorn

The Isle of Whithorn

Early cross exhibit at the Whithorn PrioryArchaeology

From the earliest civilisations to the recent past, there's a wealth of fascinating history waiting to be discovered in the Machars. From prehistoric iron and bronze age sites, like Barsalloch Fort and Drumtroddan Standing Stones, to the early Christian period, when Scotland welcomed the first missionary of the Faith to its shores here at the Isle of Whithorn.

Whithorn PrioryJust a few miles away at Whithorn, the Cathedral and Priory that was to become the Cradle of Christianity for this country, and where today you can make a memorable visit to find out so much about that important heritage. Our more recent past is easily seen too - many of our towns and villages are largely unspoilt by insensitive alteration and redevelopment.

Pend at WhithornLook at the buildings and the rich history that is portrayed in their windows, doorways and gable ends: castles, town houses large and small; country dwellings and farmsteads of real character.

There are plenty of useful guides to help you search out places of interest - and a visit to any of the bookshops in Wigtown will help you unearth even more fascinating history!

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